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Longtime September 10, 2012

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Great song by Boston.  But I’m talking about a LONG TIME since I’ve been posting here.  I think I’ll do it more often.

Watch for a new category soon.


Run Dave, RUN August 15, 2011

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Its been a LONG time since I’ve been here.  A lot has happened since I put fingertip to keyboard.

I did finish the P90X program, and continue to do it.  I lost and have maintained the loss of over 35 lbs.  I’d like to lose about another 10lbs of body fat, you know the dread love handles.  But on second thought, if I have love handles, that should make things easier for the recipient.  But I digress.

So, on my second round trip with the P90X, I developed tennis elbow.  It took about 6 months to recover and from that and then from there it caused some injury to my shoulder, so now I’m babying that.  SOOOO, in the meantime, I’ve taken up some running. 

Though the summer (2011) has been as hot as hell, I ran as much as I could.  Now, mid August, we are getting some mid 70’s days around lunch time so the 3 mile runs during lunch are not as exhausting. 

I have signed up to run the Ky Derby Festival mini marathon next spring.  More info to come and I will try to not be so long between updates.



Must like dogs and cats June 10, 2010

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Its been a crazy “animal” spring this year.  I’ve been playing “whack-a-mole” in my backyard with minimal success.  Last time my mole problem was this bad, our cats jumped in and started catching them.  I considered that “earning their keep”.  Well, time passed and so did the cats…

Now that the mole problem has resurfaced (so to speak) I went to get another cat.  I called a cousin of mine who lives on a farm.  He said “Heck yea’ll, come on out we’ll give you one”.  So, my wife and I, along with my “pet taxi” head out.  When we get there, we find out that the cats we can have, are the ones hiding under his deck.  So, being prepared, I brought some tuna fish to coax them out.  After some time, with little movement, my cousin decides to do what he knows works best, put food out on the sidewalk (along with some milk) and coax them out. 

Out from under the deck shoots out about 47 cats.  MASS HYSTERIA I tell you… so now that we saw a bunch of them, we decide to put the milk, food and tuna inside the pet taxi.  After maybe 10 minutes or so, one cat came out and ventured near the taxi.  Slowly peeking his/her head in (we don’t know the gender) it cautiously enters the taxi.  Tip Toeing towards the taxi my cousin slams the door shut, capturing a cat. 

Now, the fun begins… You’d thought we just captured the “Tasmanian Devil”.  Milk, food, tuna went slinging everywhere and all over us.  Hissing, growling was VERY audible.  I tell you… I saw 9 paws coming out of the cage at one time…I SWEAR I SAW 9 of them!!!

We take our pet taxi, now locked and loaded with a cat home.  We decided to put it in a 3 foot high pen and cover the top with a piece of wood.  Low growls and moans were heard during the entire exercise.  The cat, now named Ziggo, hunkered down into the corner of the cage, hissing and growling.

The next day, no food or water was consumed.  I was getting a bit nervous for Ziggo, because I don’t want to harm it.  So I give him another day to eat and drink.


Food and water had been consumed… YAH!.. So I pop the cover off and decide to give it some more. 


I decide to pop the cover off again and see if I can get some more food and water into the pen.  Off comes the cover, and OUT comes the cat.  It ran behind our ATV’s and crawled into a small crevice in our storage areas.  I decided to leave it, and let it simply walk out when things were quiet.


Not seeing Ziggo for over 24 hours, it was thought it had “exited” the location.  So, I brought the dogs out for some exercise and play time.  Gathering the garbage together to take to the street, I saw something run behind the ATV’s again.  ITS ZIGGO… So, I picked up the dachshund and put him ON the 4 wheeler.  Ziggo shoots out from under the ATV and runs out the garage door… The dachshund lets out a “Hound” yell and jumps off the back-end of the ATV.  That would be about a 15 foot high jump for you and I.  He runs out chasing the cat, howling and barking like a coon dog.  The Yorkie was standing by so I quickly put him back into the house in their room.

I rush outside to now find the dachshund, but I cannot find him to save my life.  I ran up the street to see if he went through the invisible fence or not, but no sign of him anywhere… As I run up the street and then back into my yard, the dog across the street starts chasing me down… By this point I pissed… I ran back into the garage, got an iron rod, HOPING it would lunge at me.

I called my wife who was in route on her way home informing her of what is going on.  She arrives home about 15 minutes later.  We walk the area around our house again and she thinks she hears something under our little ground level deck.  I pull off the lattice-work, and sure enough, I see a brown swinging tail.  Now I’m relieved.. at least I know where he and the cat are.  A quick tug on his tail and some coaxing, he comes out. 

By this time, my work clothes looks like I just rolled around in a mud puddle.  I was sweaty from running up and down the street, hollering for the dog and away from the neighbors dog, but relieved that we found our little friend.

Still not sure of the whereabouts of Ziggo…. All I can say is he’s “Clawed and Dangers”.

My 90 Day Adventure has begun May 4, 2010

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So, about a year ago, I tried the P90X program.  Popped in the instruction DVD, then started with DVD 1 (as instructed of course).  The amount of push ups and the different kinds of them did me in.  I was sore for days.  Excuse after excuse, I didn’t continue with it.  I talked myself into believing that taking the circuit training class and an aerobics class was enough.  Don’t get me wrong, the workouts were great, but I was not getting in shape fast enough, nor was I in shape enough to do the DVD’s. 

Fast forward to January 2010.  My fitness instructor got the STEP and began teaching it in our Tuesday class with some Kickboxing mixed in.  I LOVE IT… Thursday nights we do Body Pump… I LOVE IT, but I found out that my upper body is not as strong as I used to be.  Move onward to early April.  I notice my jeans are fitting looser and I am gaining some definition in my arms, shoulders and torso. 

So, now, my fitness instructor informs me she is going to coordinate a P90X style schedule and put me in touch with a couple of guys I work with.  They have been “body building” for some time, so they have a bit of an advantage.  However, Monday May 3rd, I did DVD 1 again.  I’m sore… but I’m capable of getting it done.  Tuesday we did the ABS and cardio.  I’m tired, but still able to function.

So, I now have 88 more days.  I’m not trying to bulk up, like a body builder, but want strong, lean muscle and low body fat.  (been there once,but got lazy… never again).

So, wish me luck and I’ll report as I progress.

Ready to take it up the tail pipe America? April 6, 2010

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Having ruined the pension funds of Americans nationally through corrupt and utterly unsustainable “projections” of future growth labor unions are now targeting your money to make up the difference:

One of the nation’s largest labor unions, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is promoting a plan that will centralize all retirement plans for American workers, including private 401(k) plans, under one new “retirement system” for the United States.

In effect, government pensions for everyone, not unlike the European system and regardless of personal choice.

Yes, because labor unions have done such a great job of managing their pension plans, right?

Oh wait, they haven’t.  In fact, virtually none of them are actuarially sound, and they know it.  So instead of addressing this (which would mean that workers would have to put up much more of their wages to be funneled into these funds) the SEUI is effectively advocating stealing your 401k – to cover for their outrageously rosy “estimates” on portfolio returns (which in fact have been negative over the last ten years.)

Foxy Lady April 1, 2010

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Doesn’t Megan Fox last name just say it all?

Piss off! March 26, 2010

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I got a call the other night from GOPAC asking me to contribute to the GOP to get conservative persons back in Washington.  I agreed with the gentleman on the phone that was obviously reading from a script, but I basically told him to “Piss Off” because I no longer have faith that either party has an interest in doing what is right for America.  I informed him that I am now an independent, support the Tea Party movement and that HE should check out www.goooh.com if he really believes what he is trying to sell me.  We had a few more minutes of conversation and he kindly acknowledged my concerns. 

It is not about Democrats and Republicans, it is about Conservatives vs. Progressive, Liberal, Marxist, Communist Leftest that have infiltrated our country.

HELL Care March 23, 2010

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Well, our Comrade in Chief has officially given us “Commie Care”. 

Let the rationing begin and remember… Your cooperation will ensure a Socialistic Society…. End of transmission….

California Dreaming March 22, 2010

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I found an old OLD article I wrote about my experience in Newport Beach California back in 2006.  Thought I’d repost it for all to enjoy.


Man, what can I say.  California is in a world (but not Frogs World) all by itself. 
I recently visited Irvine for a week long training course. 
Sunday Evening PST

My California experience got started off on the right foot by my luggage being lost somewhere in Cincinnatti.  So, here I am in Irvine trying to explain to a mostly non english speaking person that my luggage was not on the conveyor.  ARRRRR!!!
Now that I go to get my car, at the Letsscrewthem car rental I am sincererly about to come over the counter and strangle yet another non-english speaking employee.  I guess all in all, he was as kind as he could be when he told me my credit card was denied.  ARRRRR! 
So I give Mohamed another card, and we move our merry way.
Finally checking into the hotel, where Pedro verifies my credit card was good I check into my room with my laptop.  Remember my luggage is somewhere in Cincy.  I call the 800 number for Lost Luggage to see if any progress was made and the recording (in both English and Spanish) indicates that it is still being located. 
So, here I am, my first night in California without ANYTHING… well, I have my laptop.  ALL NIGHT LONG ALL I DID WAS DREAM ABOUT MY LUGGAGE.  I woke up several times during the night after dreaming they found my luggage only to call and verify it was “Still being located”.

Monday Morning 5:00 PST

I get up and shower (thank God for little bars of soap and shampoo) and go out to find a store so I can get a toothbrush and tooth paste.  Now, for those of you that have not yet been to Cali, especially the Irvin area let me explain something.  THERE IS NO CENTER OF TOWN.  I drove and drove around looking for a store of ANY kind.  Finally I had to roll the window down and ask some elderly lady walking a dog where a store might be. (I was expecting to get maced, but I guess this was my lucky day) 

Mission accomplished – With Toothbrush and toothpaste in hand I went to the register.  On the way, I got some Organic bannanas. Off to class I go – So, with brushed teeth and a bananna in my belly, I am off to class.Checking on Luggage – During lunch break I go back to the hotel (because Delta called and said my luggage was found).  However Juan and Hulio had not seen my luggage show up at the hotel.  ARRRR!  I promptly called the Luggage dept of Delta and they informed me it was in route and I would have it before 11pm PST.  Returning from class, I am blessed to find my luggage was indeed delivered to the hotel.  Ping Yow and George gladly gave me my luggage. 

Now, I am happier.  I have my stuff and I can relax and enjoy California.  I proudly roll my luggage across the floor, onto the elevator and up to my room.  Walking in I see the maids had cleaned my room and made the bed.  They also took my banannas!  ARRRRR!!!



Off to class again.  However today after class I am going to learn my way around.  However I was warned not to get onto the interstates and after seeing the local news and their traffic report (an entire morning segment) I knew I wouldnt be venturing to far.  However, Laguna and Hunington beach were both really close.  Laguna beach here I come!!!

Laguna beach – Ummm, I must have made a wrong turn somewhere cause I ended up in Hunington Beach and by now, its starting to get dark.  Well, I decide its better to be somewhat bored than to be car jacked.  So I turned back and headed back to McArthur Blvd.  Turning onto the “RAMP” to McCarthur it also merges with Hwy 73.  ARRRR! 

Entering the ramp at 60mph and seeing cars doing nearly twice that I became a bit nervous.  Where will I end up?  How far till the next exit?  Is this how it all will end? 

Lucky for me I saw a exit just a few short miles ahead, which actually put me a few blocks from the hotel. 

Ahhh… feeling better about things. 




After Class  I am off to Laguna beach –  I figured out I should have made a left turn on PCH (Thats Pacific Coast Highway) for all you easterner’s.  

So I drive to Laguna Beach… ARRRRR!!! no place to park?  No place to stop and look around!! Everyone is in such a freaking hurry!!! 

I saw some water, I think its an ocean but I cannot tell, cause there is some blonde behind me talking on her cell phone about to run me over.  I am not sure if my rental agreement covers damage, cause I couldnt understand most of what rental agency was saying.  Finally I let her by only to have her slow up in front of me. 

I went back to the hotel and ordered a Pizza. 



Red Tide – Again after class I decide to venture out some.  This time however I decide to go see what everyone is talking about.  The dudes (Cali talk) in my class were saying that they saw the water “glowing” as it crashed on the shore.   Now, I dont know for sure, but I do remember in the movie “Apollo 13” Tom Hanks mention the phosphoresence glow of the algae leading a trail straight to his aircraft carrier.  Remeber that?  Anyway I thought that would be kind of cool to see.  So, I purposely leave late in the evening now that I am feeling a bit more comfortable with navigating the area.  I head on down to Huntington beach because it was the only place I saw that had any real parking.  

So, I arrive around 7:30 pm PST to the beach and as I whip out my 10 bucks for parking I ask the DNR attendant how safe the area was.  He said there are not too many problems with vehicle damage.  THATS GREAT, now how about bodily damage?  “OH, theres not too many problems with that either”.  

Well, I didnt have a REAL comfy feeling but I went ahead and parked and proceeded to watch a West Coast Sunset. 

BRRRRR – Momma never told me the beach got cold out here.  So here I am its getting dark and there are roughly a few hundred people on the beach (now I know why they all had bon fires) and I am walking in my shorts and thin T-shirt.  

The Hunt for Red Tide – What the crap?  All I see is a bunch of ducks… ok, maybe they aren’t ducks but seagulls.  Darn things like to took my head off when beach patrol decide to drive onto the beach.  Anyway, its pitch dark now and all I see (if anything ) is reflection of the moon on the water.  Those guys must have been on crack, cause I dont see ANYTHING glowing (except the fires off in the distance keeping everyone else warm).  I quickly head back to my car, still in one piece and head back to the hotel. 

I stopped at a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell but they dont sell Pizza’s.  Ok, technically they did but just by the slice. 
I went back to the hotel and ordered another Pizza. 



Its the last day of class, gets out around 2pm PST.  I am ready to come home.  I dont feel like venturing out much anymore.  I packed all my stuff, filled the car up with gasoline @ 2.85 a gallon and went for a Carls Jr. Burger.  I sat in my room and review the material for the week.  

After falling asleep in the chair, I decided to rent a movie, so what does a man 2000 miles away from his wife rent in a hotel?  Star Wars 3: 


Dont get me wrong, I loved the weather.  The land is beautiful, but there is no way.. NO WAY, I could live in a place with all those people and the attitude they carry with them! 

Willie Makit March 19, 2010

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We’ve all heard the jokes about books or movies and their titles along with thier creators. 

“Under the Bleachers” by Seymore Butts.

“Little Yellow Streams” by I.P. Freely

So, my little spin on this is…. “Frogs Fitness”, by Willie Makit.  Will he?  Time will tell, but I can tell you that I am really trying hard to stay on target this time.  I have already felt my energy levels and stamina increase and it is a good feeling.  My clothes are starting to fit differently again… Back in 1997 I was 229 lbs and 29% bodyfat.  I started taking STEP aerobics and a Tae Bo style of fitness.  In about a year I was 190 lbs and 9% bodyfat.  AMAZING.  However, the desire to become lazy took over and I quickly slipped back to the old me.  For about a year now, I have been taking a fitness class, but it was only the beginning of 2010 did our instructor start teaching STEP and Body Pump.  It is March 19th, and I think I’m making the transition into a slimmer body, heathy heart and mind.  Will he make it?  I’ll report more later..